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Short Path Distillation

Learn the entire process of distillate production. You'll review different extraction techniques in depth and how each relates to your work.

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Pesticide Elimination

Study advanced distillation procedures with a focus on three methods of pesticide remediation and detailed color stripping

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Crystalline Intensive

Get a full scope understanding of large-scale, efficient CBD Crystalline production in a professional classroom environment.

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Designed for your success.

Legalization has opened the door for so many new and innovative ideas, sometimes it can appear intimidating. At The Clear Class we'll help you learn the best ways create a potent extract. You'll study how to bring out the right compounds so your customers can dial in the dosage. With our help, you'll be producing 99% pure extracts in no time.

Using the latest extraction technology, we can guide you in making the highest quality concentrates, safely and effectively. You'll be a master of separating cannabinoids and terpenes. You can thank us later.

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Since 1993

Committed to education.

The Clear Class is an educational facility located in California created by Salem Scientific Laboratories dedicated to people like you.

Our experience in the industry has enabled us to create a one-of-a-kind process to teach distillation quickly and effectively. Through a series of classes prepared by a PhD Organic Chemist and his team of professionals, you'll be guided through the entire process in a state of the art facility.

And the results are fully supported and guaranteed. Our classes are among the most detailed and hands-on in the industry. The coursework you'll experience is designed to teach you to focus on quality, speed and yield. With our help, you'll make a perfect product every time.

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