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We only use top tier American borosilicate glass in our systems and we only supply from American and German Companies for all products we offer.

exceptional service

Most of our products are covered under a 5 year warranty and in case of emergency; there is always someone available to take your phone/video call. Everything you purchase always comes with a lifetime of support.

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Our classes are instructed by a PhD organic chemist and a team of extraction and distillation professionals that will guide you through the entire process in a small group environment.

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We guarantee you 100% satisfaction of our education and equipment or your money back. Our instructional setup will show you the most effective technique to making perfect clear distillate every time.

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Day One

Meet and Greet

You just have to get here! Fly or drive in Southern California and we take care of all your accommodations, food and dabs.

Hang out, grab dinner and get some rest before a long day in the lab.

Day Two

Class Day

We start early! From setting up the equipment and material preparation through the distillate making process… We take you through it all!

Winterization ratios
Properly filtering winterized material
Terpene extraction introduction
Short Path Distillation (we produce distillate in class)
How to prepare for cartomizers and packaging options

Day Three


The course costs $4,000 per student and that is with everything included over three days. Please register to ensure your spot. 

For more information please call 888-738-5517 or leave your email and phone number and we will contact you immediately.

Daily Workshops


Salem Scientific Ethanol Extraction Course


CBD and THCa Crystallization Class


Winterization & Material Preparation


Short Path Distillation

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The class is $4,000.00 with a $500 deposit to hold your seat. The remaining $3500 due at or before class starts.

All classes are private so please book your class and day you would like to attend by calling 888-738-5517 or fill out the form below.

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